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Holy Family Parish, Stow, Ohio

Admission Guidelines and Priority

Typically, registration is conducted in February for the next school year only. Information concerning registration will be published in advanced of the registration period in the Holy Family Parish Sunday Bulletin and on the website.

Holy Family School admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities. In all cases, admission of students will be made only in those cases in which Holy Family School can meet the child's needs, and if class size is not at capacity. Admission to Holy Family School is contingent upon the full cooperation and support of parents with all policies as stated in the Parent-Student Handbook.

Students will be considered for admission to Holy Family School on a priority basis as follows:

  1. Families who are members of Holy Family Parish (see notation below) who have registered when their children are ready to enter school and
    • have siblings in the school
    • do not have siblings in the school.
  2. *Note: A family is considered to be a member of Holy Family Parish when the family is formally registered at Holy Family Parish and receives envelopes; the family regularly practices the Catholic faith with emphasis on attending Sunday Mass and reception of the Sacraments; and the family contributes to the support of the parish through the regular use of offertory envelopes.

  3. Families from neighboring parishes (see notation below) that do not have an elementary school who:
    • have siblings in the school
    • do not have siblings in the school.
  4. Catholics from neighboring parishes (see notation below) that do have an elementary school and have written permission from the pastor who
    • have siblings in the school
    • do not have siblings in the school.
  5. *Note: Families from neighboring parishes are expected to meet the membership criteria for Holy Family Parish within their own parish community. Non-parishioners must consult with their pastor regarding attendance at Holy Family School and become familiar with their parish's tuition support policy. It is understood that the full per pupil cost must be covered for each student who is not a member of Holy Family Parish.

  6. Non-Catholic students will be considered for admission with the following provisions:
    • Space is available at the grade level requested.
    • The parents understand the Catholic philosophy of education and are supportive of the policies of Holy Family School. Parents are willing to support their child's participation in the regular school program, including daily religion classes, liturgies, prayer services, etc.

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